Interactive fiction with a twist: you can only say "no". 

Help Nancy express herself and navigate delicate conversations. It will take both timing and social finesse to achieve her ultimate dream—
to have the perfect day!

Just because you can always say no, doesn’t always mean you should…

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GMTK Game Jam 2019

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2019


  • Action-packed talking
  • Multiple endings
  • A terrible crime!
  • Real relationships


Matt Davis
@MattDavisGames  — Programming, art

Rhys van der Waerden
 @Rhys_vdw  — Programming, art, harmonica

Angus Michael Victor Arnold
@AngusMVArnold  — Music, sound

Ned K
@BoyWhoCriedGame — Story, art


Made possible by these 3D models, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. Textures have been recoloured by us.

Cake & Coffee, by DOF_New
Lamp_02 lowpoly, by chris_models
CHAIR, by vUv
casete tape recorder, by sweetsabi
Old Cash Register_PBR, by Li.Wenzhao
SM Coffee Machine2, by mzhigaluv28

Free SFX and foley from


Negative Nancy Win v7 45 MB
Negative Nancy macOS v7 45 MB

Development log


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This game was really fun to play, one of my favorites here the developers did a really nice job, I keep playing it.



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The game is well done, especially during the interrogation scene. Definitely recommend.



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Said no, got shot.

Overall, 10/10 experience


will play on youtube is there a press kit for it

For anyone seeing this, I spoke to joshamster11 on Discord. If you're interested in covering Nancy or have any questions you can get in touch through our Discord or directly at


yea first try had good day


Awesome game, I love the concept! Keep it up!

Thanks Supermanbutnot—will do!


denied a refund 124 times and got the right guy in jail all on the first try


Show off!


in all fairness i watched GrayStillPlays play it first, but getting the right guy in jail still felt tricky

Me too :)


483 times and still nothing. How in the



Silence is consent: The game


That was fun!

Thanks rac0208 😊


And now the actual game:

t'was a delight!


You thought this was up my alley. Turns out you were right.


Deleted 131 days ago
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Thanks for playing but we can't be having any spoilers on the game page!

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how do I press no?

Edit: I figured it out. Great game!

Thanks blorpy! :-)



Awesome, just played it, had a blast!

Thanks Sir TapTap. Loved the vid. <3


that was sooo good, 

🙏Thank you.


That was delightful! Well done, men

Thanks so much! :-)


The game is really funny I like it but the best ending was too easy to get i got the best one on my 3rd try

Thanks, glad you like it enough to play three times. :-D The story you played was from our 48 hour version, we'll have a play around with the difficulty if we expand it.

te fun isnt the Good ending, the fun is in the ridiculous other endings


Had lots of fun playing this game! Saying no is powerful and can lead to death....😶😰 gameplay starts at 6:41 if interested :) 


Sweet vid. Cheers RobsonRages!


Love it! Now I'm the damn manager I'm calling the shots. The interrogation scene was excellent. 

Glad you enjoyed it! We had way too much fun making it.

How do you become the manager?


Very nice!

Thanks Mittens! :D